A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 21 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 21 Summary

Jon reflects on all of the men the Night's Watch has lost as he leads his men south from the Wall to Mole's Town, where the wildlings live crammed in tunnels beneath the village. Jon notices that they have begun to carve faces into the trees around the village; they have brought their old gods with them. They come out for food and are allowed to pick either an apple or an onion. When they complain that they are not fed as well as the men of the Night's Watch, Jon replies that the men of the Night's Watch are fighting the Others and guarding the Wall. He proposes that the wildlings make a new choice. He offers to take any wildling into his service, boy or girl, that is twelve or older and knows how to use a spear. At first, the wildlings hesitate. However, when a girl and some boys join, a flood of others join. None of the Thenns join. By the time Jon leaves the village, he counts sixty three new spears to guard the Wall. Bowen Marsh, the Lord Steward, is less pleased. He sees sixty three new mouths to feed and worries that the women will cause trouble among the men. Worse, who will they fight for if Tormund Giantsbane attacks the Wall?