A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 20 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 20 Summary

Reek journeys to Moat Cailin, careful to guard his thoughts against memories of his former identity. He wears gloves so that no one will see his lost fingers. There was a time before when he had ridden south as a prince with Robb Stark and twenty thousand men. Now, he is Lord Ramsay's Reek and only two in ten of those men survived. Still, Ramsay has promised to make Reek his dog if the latter can deliver Moat Cailin. Reek approaches the decrepit towers under a banner of peace and inside confronts the remaining ironborn that guard the tower. They are dying. There are many sicknesses in the Neck, not to mention poisonous serpents and insects. Reek knows that the people of the Neck, whom he calls bog devils, are the worst of all. They strike with their poison arrows, hidden amongst the marshes. Reek convinces the ironmen to surrender to Lord Ramsay and delivers them to the northmen. Lord Roose Bolton and his army cross the Neck from the south. Roose introduces Arya Stark to Ramsay, but Reek recognizes her as Jeyne Poole. She does not have Stark eyes. Reek keeps this information to himself as he sleeps with Ramsay's dogs, a reward for his service.