A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 14 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 14 Summary

Tyrion is no longer allowed to drink, and he shivers and sweats in the night because of it. Everyone aboard the ship has a job to do as they sail along the river. Duck and Young Griff spar in the morning, and in the afternoons Haldon Halfmaester and Septa Lemore instruct them. Tyrion is told to record everything he has ever learned about dragons. He wonders if they will be able to find any of the lost histories about Valyria. Tyrion has begun to embellish his original tales about Yollo, also known as Hugor. Tyrion hopes to convince the rest of the crew that his father was a Westerosi lord, and that he is a bastard. One afternoon, he sits in on Young Griff's history lessons. They discuss the history of Volantis, the first of the Nine Free Cities to expand after Valyria met its doom. The Volantene tried to conquer the world but were eventually defeated by their enemies. Now, they are a merchant state. When asked to explain what this history teaches, Young Griff concludes that one cannot conquer the world without dragons. After, Tyrion challenges Haldon to a game of cyvasse. Haldon always wins, but Tyrion suggests that they wager secrets based on the outcome of this match. After, Tyrion goes on deck and sees an enormous turtle, the Old Man of the River. Tyrion reflects that wonders always appear to attend to the birth of kings.