A Corner of the Universe Characters
by Ann M. Martin

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A Corner of the Universe Characters

Hattie Owen

Hattie, who turns twelve during the course of the summer, is an introverted girl who enjoys her family and a quiet life with the tenants of the boarding house her parents run. A bit socially awkward, Hattie struggles to make conversation with strangers and to feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Through Hattie and her unusual friendships, Martin showcases how friends of different types and ages can be fulfilling and bring happiness. Hattie’s sensitivity also provides a sympathetic platform for her cousin Adam, who is disabled, to be seen in a positive light. Throughout the course of the novel, Hattie grows up as she sheds some of her more childlike perceptions for more mature understandings of the world around her.

Adam Mercer

Hattie’s twenty-two-year-old uncle, Adam is disabled, exhibiting symptoms of autism or schizophrenia. For most of his life, he was kept in a special boarding house specially designed to help people like him, but when his school closes he comes back home to live with his strict and proper parents, Nana and Papa. Adam wears his emotions on his sleeve; he is unable to filter and modify his feelings and behaviors toward others. He swings from joyously exuberant to tempestuous in a matter of minutes. However, he is quite funny, a great listener, and makes each person feel like they are the only person alive when he is with them. He also is a genius with numbers; he can identify what day of the week on which any date in history occurred. Adam shows struggles that people with disabilities face—the frustration and embarrassment of family members, the judgment from strangers, and the constant battle to be accepted and loved. In the end, Adam’s trials are too overwhelming for him, and he takes his own life. Through his character, the reader is given a sympathetic and comprehensive view of living as a disabled person and how family and friends are also affected.

Jonathan Owen

Jonathan is Hattie’s father. He is an artist who helps run the family boarding house. He is kind, tolerant, and a patient example of love in Hattie’s life.

Dorothy Owen

Dorothy is Hattie’s mother and a good friend to Hattie. They share a close relationship and enjoy one another’s company. Even though Dorothy went against her parents’ wishes in marrying Jonathan, she still tries to impress and please her parents whenever she can; their influence is not null in her life. She is loving and kind and sent letters and pictures to her younger brother, Adam, the entire time he was away from her.

Harriet Mercer or Nana

Hattie’s grandmother, Nana, runs her wealthy household with a careful eye for propriety. She is incredibly strict, judgmental, and unyielding in her perceptions of proper behavior and what is acceptable in the world and what is not. She lives by outdated social customs and cares greatly about reputation and respect from others. All of this is challenged by her youngest son Adam, who is unable to follow her social protocol and is an embarrassment and challenge to her. She shows little patience and tolerance for Adam for most of the novel, but after his death she reveals how much she loved and cared for him. She is devastated by his death, and in her grief we see the only love and softness her character exhibits in the entire novel.

Hayden Mercer or Papa

Nana’s husband and Hattie’s...

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