Chapter 9 Summary

Arya is happy that they no longer meet as many people as they used to on the road, but she is frustrated by their lack of progress. The road is little more than two muddy ruts and the carts get stuck a dozen times every day. Two of the men Yoren is taking north were found guilty of poaching, and Yoren sends them out foraging for food. Sometimes they return with a deer, and Arya even managed to bring home a rabbit once. At night, they set sentries, but Arya can sneak past them easily. She thinks about traveling alone, but who would watch her back while she sleeps? She decides it is safer to stay. Still, there are dangers. Yoren has them leave the road to avoid Lannister and Stark men. Although the Night's Watch takes no part, they do have resources that everyone would like to take. At night, Arya goes into the woods to make water, and she is confronted by wolves. She returns to camp and tells Yoren. He responds that they need to worry about the human wolves that are destroying villages. He wonders if it would have been wiser to take a ship from King's Landing. Arya goes to bed, but she hears a whisper on the wind and thinks it might be screams.