Chapter 8 Summary

Tyrion is feasting Ser Janos Slynt, Commander of the City Watch, in the Small Hall. When Slynt sided with the Lannisters rather than Eddard Stark, they rewarded him with the Harrenhal and a seat on the small council. Now, the two of them are alone and Janos is very drunk. Tyrion has spent the evening trying to charm Slynt and he asks about some of Slynt's recent actions. He is particularly interested in confirming that Cersei is behind some of the more brutal commands. Slynt explains that when he leaves to occupy the Harrenhal, Tyrion would do well to promote Allar Deem, the man who killed the last of King Robert's bastard children, babes included, in King's Landing. Now, Tyrion explains to his guest, Ser Janos would do well to join the Night's Watch. He has Slynt taken away and promotes Ser Jacelyn Bywater to command. Varys arrives soon after and begins reporting to Tyrion the things his spies in the city have learned. Tyrion finds himself liking Varys, though he does not trust him. When he returns to his quarters, he finds Bronn, who explains that he would kill a babe for the right price. Tyrion reflects that he has no need of Allar Deem as he already has access to a hundred men just like him.