A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 68 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 68 Summary

Jon follows Quorin Halfhand back through the pass toward Lord Commander Mormont. The wildlings are on their trail. An eagle watches over them constantly and the men know that the skinchanger within it is spying on them for the wildlings. They know that Squire Dalbridge has been killed. Ebben is now sent to carry a message to Lord Mormont. Later, Stonesnake is told to climb over the mountain in the hope of returning to the rest of the Night's Watch. Only Jon and Quorin are left; Quorin asks Jon whether his blade is sharp and tells him to yield to the wildlings if they are captured. They build a bright fire and then double back. They leave the trail, pass beneath a waterfall, and hide in a cave. Quorin explains that if the wildlings do not find them, they will navigate a path beneath the mountain. However, the wildlings do find them. Quorin reminds Jon of his orders and the latter yields. The wildling commander, Rattleshirt, commands Jon to prove his loyalty by killing Quorin. Quorin attacks Jon, but Jon and Ghost defeat the Halfhand. Even still, Rattleshirt would prefer to kill Jon. Ygritte reveals herself and defends Jon. Jon's goal now is to return to Mance Rayder with the wildlings to learn what Mance Rayder is planning.