A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 65 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 65 Summary

Sansa looks at the victorious court. Lord Tywin Lannister enters the throne room astride a magnificent horse. Everyone pretends not to notice when it defecates. King Joffrey names his grandfather the Hand of the King and the Savior of the City. Next enter the Tyrells, Mace and his two sons, Garlan and Ser Loras. Mace is named to the small council, Loras is named the Kingsguard, and Garlan asks Joffrey to marry his sister, Margaery. Though she was married to Renly, the marriage was never consummated due to the war. Joffrey expresses reluctance to break his vow to marry Sansa, but the small council and the High Septon all agree that he can marry her. Sansa knows that it is all a show, and Cersei has warned Sansa not to look pleased. Lord Petyr Baelish is declared the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands and is given the Harrenhal. Sansa does not understand his happiness since both are empty honors until the Lannisters take back the Riverlands. Ser Lancel, meanwhile, is declared the Lord of Darry, though he, like Tyrion Lannister, is too injured to attend court. Men are given lands and knighted afterward. Next come the traitors, and when one man declares Joffrey an abomination born of incest, Joffrey orders the man killed on the spot. Joffrey slams his hand in the throne, which, being made of swords, cuts Joffrey deeply. Joffrey leaves the room, Stannis's supporter is impaled, and Lord Tywin takes over. Sansa is thrilled until she next goes to the godswood. Dontos warns her that she is too valuable a hostage to be let go. He plans to remove her from King's Landing on the night of the wedding and gives her a hairnet of amethysts.