A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 64 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 64 Summary

Arya walks past the tarred heads of the Lannister supporters as she carries out her duties for Roose Bolton. The women that slept with the Lannister men now are kept naked in the stocks, free for any man to use. Goodwife Amabel sees Arya and tells her that Arya will be put in the stocks when Tywin Lannister takes the castle back. Everyone looks at Arya differently now, though Roose Bolton hardly sees her at all when she serves him wine or removes leeches from his body. She only knows that it is best to keep him waiting. The Freys with Lord Bolton worry over what to do next. The Harrenhal is too big to hold without supplies, and there are none to be had. Robb Stark may have won every battle, but he has lost Winterfell and his brothers are dead. If Tywin Lannister attacks, they will be defeated. Roose Bolton assures them that they have a great deal of time before the Lannisters and the Tyrells move north from King's Landing. One evening, Arya dares to ask Lord Bolton whether he will take her with him when he leaves. He will leave her and the castle behind for Vargo Hoat. Arya goes to the godswood, wondering whether she will be Nan the cupbearer for the rest of her life. She hears her father's voice telling her she is a Stark of Winterfell. She resolves to leave; she finds Gendry and Hot Pie, and tells them to come with her—and to bring supplies. She goes to the gate, where she murders the guard. She looks at the blood on her hands and thinks that the rain will wash it away.