A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 60 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 60 Summary

Sansa notices that although the torches shine against the walls, there is darkness in the faces of everyone around her. Cersei has been drinking wine, but it seems to make her even more beautiful. Her eyes are bright green, like wildfire, Sansa thinks. Cersei sees women crying and recalls how her mother once taught her that tears are a woman's weapon. She tells Sansa that they have another weapon between their legs, though it will not work on Stannis. Growing up, Cersei and Jaime had done everything together until the day they gave him a sword. Then, Jaime began to be groomed for power and glory while she was raised to smile and be sold to a stranger who would ride her at his whim until he traded her in. Cersei wishes that she could fight. She only hosts the supper for the women so that they will go to their husbands afterward and tell of how Cersei was so brave for them. If Sansa means to be queen, she will have to learn these things. The Kettleblacks come to the Queen's Ballroom to report on the battle. Tyrion is leading men outside the King's Gate. When Cersei hears that Tyrion is leading men into battle, she knows that things must be going badly. She tells Sansa that after the battle, men will want flesh rather than gold. Women will be raped, even if they are "gently born." She informs Sansa that she is well aware that Sansa has been praying for Joffrey's defeat in the godswood, but those prayers might change if Sansa had realized the real reason for Ser Ilyn's presence: he is to kill them both if the battle goes badly.