Chapter 6 Summary

Jon Snow goes into the depths of Castle Black, beneath the Wall in search of his friend Samwell Tarly. The tunnels are not often used in summer, but when winter comes, the Night's Watch will rely on them to move from one castle to another. Sam is Jon's friend, and though he may be a coward, he is enthusiastic about books and learning. Sam tells Jon that there are ancient books about rangings beyond the Wall where men met giants and the children of the forest. Jon reminds Sam that his first purpose was to find maps for Lord Commander Mormont, the Old Bear, who is planning to lead an army of the Night's Watch beyond the Wall. He has lost Benjen Stark, Jon's uncle and the First Ranger, as well as the man that went after Benjen Stark. The dead are rising and the wildlings have joined together under Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. Jon and Sam take the maps to Lord Mormont, who complains of their age. When Lord Mormont dismisses Sam, he tells Jon that Maester Aemon could have been king once, but he chose not to because he felt that he was called on to serve. Now, Jon's half-brother Robb Stark has been declared King in the North. Jon says that he intends to obey his vows and serve the Night's Watch.