A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 58 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 58 Summary

Davos sails into Blackwater Bay aboard Black Betha. His two oldest sons command in their ships, the Wraith and Lady Marya, alongside him. When he commands the oarsmen to man their oars, it is Davos's son, Matthos, who relays the commands. Stannis, meanwhile, is with his army, so Ser Imry Florent leads the fleet aboard the Fury. Davos worries that he and his sons are on the starboard wing of the fleet, which Davos well knows is a dangerous place for them. Imry has ordered his ships to sail headlong into the Blackwater, though Davos does not approve of the decision. He would send ships to probe the bay in search of traps. Because Stannis has four times as many ships as Joffrey, Imry finds it easy to dismiss Davos's concerns. He recalls how the fleet had overtaken and captured fishing skiffs two days before. When questioned, the fishermen admitted that Tyrion Lannister was constructing some sort of boom that would close the Blackwater against Stannis's ships. None of the fishermen knew whether construction finished, but Davos finds himself hoping that the boom is complete. There is a tingling in his missing fingers. When the attack begins, he sees two towers and between them a chain boom, curiously, still beneath the water. The attack begins in the water and Davos can see the fighting outside King's Landing as well. Davos leads his men as they overtake a ship. Victorious, he spots a ship with a green substance—wildfire—leaking from its hull. Behind him, the chain boom has been raised. The wildfire is lit and the Blackwater turns into the "mouth of hell."