A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 56 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 56 Summary

Theon is having a nightmare in which he cries for mercy as direwolves chase him through the snow. He wakes, reaching for his dagger, and sees Reek and Wex standing over him. Theon's sister, Asha Greyjoy, has finally arrived. As Theon prepares to see her and her men, who wait in the Great Hall, he thinks about his dreams. They have been cold and horrible and they continuously return to the corpses he dressed at the mill. He remembers to don his poorly made crown (Mikken's replacement is not a very talented blacksmith, unfortunately) before he leaves. He reflects on the killings that have happened and how he executed Farlen, "as likely a suspect as any," in order to give the appearance of solving the situation. The killings have fortunately stopped. He arrives and discovers that Asha has only brought twenty men to help Theon hold Winterfell. She mocks him and his achievements and leaves him ten men to hold Winterfell against the enmity of the northmen. When she leaves, Reek proposes that Theon send him with money to hire men. If Reek returns with two hundred, Theon will let him have Palla, a woman Theon has already "had." Theon continues to sleep poorly. When he goes outside again, he looks at the two heads that sit, tarred on pikes, on the walls of Winterfell and wonders again at how easily people believed that they were Bran and Rickon.