Chapter 5 Summary

Arya sees freshly dug graves along the kingsroad, and soon notices that Yoren and his recruits are the only ones traveling north. Everyone warns of war. When Yoren reaches an inn and allows his recruits to wash, though not sleep, Arya stays behind so that no one will realize she, "Arry," is a girl. That night, however, she is allowed to have a beer with the other recruits when the owner of the inn gives them a round on the house because his brother was sent to the Wall for stealing a pinch of pepper. The men and women at the inn tell Yoren that he will not be able to travel north much longer because of the war. Yoren disagrees. They also talk about a gigantic wolfpack that has attacked farmers. Arya thinks that it might be Nymeria leading the pack and she tries to defend the wolves. Yoren sends her outside so that she cannot reveal her identity, and there she encounters the three men from the black dungeons. Jaqen H'ghar, who has red and white hair, introduces himself to Arya and apologizes for the aggressiveness of his companions, Rorge, who has no nose, and Biter, who cannot speak and whose teeth are filed to sharp points. Arya confronts Biter and smacks him with her wooden sword. Bull arrives and tells Arya to stay away from the prisoners. They prepare to duel each other, in practice, when a group of men from the City Watch arrive. They are looking for someone that fled King's Landing with the Night's Watch. Arya thinks that they are looking for her, and identifies herself as the one they are looking for, but they claim to be looking for Bull. Yoren confronts the City Watch and argues that the Night's Watch takes no part in the politics of the realm. He wins the exchange, but the commander tells Yoren that he will return later with more men. Ayra asks Bull who he is, but the latter can only share his name: Gendry.