A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 47 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 47 Summary

Arya has more freedom now that Lord Tywin has left the castle and that Weese is dead. There are fewer guards and the ones that remain often do not know what to do. Weese's successor, meanwhile, is a drunkard that sleeps through every night. Arya goes out at night to see Hot Pie in the kitchen. She practices her swordplay and balance in treetops. She goes to see Gendry, who, like Hot Pie, feels no urge to escape the Harrenhal. He hopes to become a master smith. The northern prisoners that Vargo Hoat brings to the castle might hope to escape, but Ser Amory Lorch, the castellan left in charge of the Harrenhal, puts them in the dungeon. Arya finds Jaqen and tricks him into helping her free the northerners. They take hot soup to the dungeons, which they throw on the guards before killing them. When Robett Glover is freed, he is surprised that he does not recognize them from the Brave Companions that met with Roose Bolton before he was brought into the castle. Having helped her to free the northerners, Jaqen calls his debt to Arya paid. Then, he declares that it is time for Jaqen to die. He passes a hand over his face and it changes. Where Jaqen had red hair and white, this new man has black curls. He also now has a hook nose and a scar on his cheek. Arya says she wishes she could change like he does. Jaqen tells her that if she would learn, she must come with him to Braavos. Arya, however, means to return to Winterfell. He gives her a coin and tells her to remember the phrase "valar morghulis" and then leaves. After, when people ask what the guards died of, they say "hot weasal soup." When Roose Bolton arrives, Harrenhal's fool presents Arya. Arya introduces herself as Nymeria, Nan for short, and he makes her his cupbearer. Ser Amory Lorch, meanwhile, is dropped naked into a bear pit. Arya notices that the bear is all in black like Yoren had been.