A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 46 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 46 Summary

Bran is Summer in the wolf dream. He senses men scaling the walls of Winterfell. Summer tries to climb a tree to escape the godswood, but he falls and hurts his shoulder. When Bran wakes, his shoulder hurts, but he dismisses the pain as he realizes Jojen's green dream about the sea drowning Winterfell has arrived. Bran summons his guards and then remembers that all of them have left with Ser Rodrik to defeat Dagmer Cleftjaw. The Ironman might be old, but even Nan agrees that he is a mighty warrior. An Ironman enters, followed by Theon. Bran is relieved and asks after Robb, alongside whom Theon had fought, until Theon tells Bran that he will have to yield Winterfell to him. Maester Luwin, shaken by what has happened and ashamed that he did not realize the danger they were in, arrives to dress Brann. They go to the hall together. There, Bran tells the smallfolk that they should obey Theon. Mikken, the blacksmith, refuses, and he is summarily killed. Hodor starts saying "Hodor" and Theon has his men beat Hodor. Over the sound of the beating, Theon tells everyone that should they serve him well, they will find him a gentle master. Reek introduces himself and pledges fealty to Theon, as does Osha.