A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 44 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 44 Summary

Tyrion listens as Lancel reports on Cersei's latest scheme. She is sending Tommen out of the city, disguised as a page to stay in Lord Gyles Rosby's castle. Tyrion dismisses Lancel and summons Bronn. He gives the sellsword a letter ordering Ser Jacelyn Bywater to capture Tommen's party but to continue on to the castle, take over the garrison, and keep the lands as Lord Bywater. After, Tyrion travels to Shae, where he finds a singer named Symon Silvertongue. Tyrion sleeps with Shae. After, Varys arrives with news that Stannis has taken Storm's End. Ser Cortnay Penrose is dead. When Varys leaves to prepare their horses, Tyrion tells Shae that he will try to sneak her into the Red Keep to keep her safe. She would prefer to enter the castle as Tyrion's bedwarmer, but Tyrion cannot do that. He tells her about how he married a girl named Tysha, who turned out to be a whore his brother had bought for him. After, his father had given Tysha to his garrison. Tyrion does not tell her that he had her last. He leaves with Varys, who suggests that Shae become a servant for Lollys. They discuss Penrose's death. Varys suggests that it may have been magic and he tells of how he became a eunuch. When young, Varys was a mummer in a traveling troop. A man bought Varys, took him home, and cut him "root and stem." He threw Varys's manhood into a blue fire and spoke with a voice that came from within it. After, Varys became a thief and learned that secrets are sometimes worth more than the gold men carry. Tyrion does not believe him but laughs when he realizes that he, the dwarf everyone hates, is all that stands between King's Landing and Stannis's army.