A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 41 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 41 Summary

Tyrion watches as Princess Myrcella leaves King's Landing. She will board Seaswift and make for Braavos. From there, she and Ser Arys will travel south to Dorne. In return, Prince Doran Martell will move his troops north, possibly convincing a few of Stannis's lords to stay south rather than joining his attack on King's Landing. Myrcella is a true princess, Tyrion reflects, and she does not cry. Tommen, however, does. Stannis looks at his winch towers, which will be complete in two weeks. It is better than listening to the fat High Septon's prayers, which seem unending. Finally, Tyrion and the rest of the royal family return to the Red Keep. The smallfolk are starving now, and one man throws dung at Joffrey. The young king calls for the man's head, and the crowd turns violent. Tyrion commands that everyone return to the Red Keep. There, an enraged Tyrion chastises and beats Joffrey. Ser Meryn and Ser Boros are scared to go back into the crowds in search of Sansa, but the Hound returns with her. The High Septon, it seems, was ripped to shreds, and Lady Tanda's daughter, Lollys, was gang raped. That night, Ser Jacelyn Bywater tells Tyrion that he is not sure how much longer the City Watch can hold King's Landing. There is little love for the Lannisters, who sacked King's Landing in the rebellion against Aerys. People talk openly of their admiration for Stannis, Robb Stark, and even Renly. They especially hate Tyrion, which he finds frustrating since he is the only person in the Red Keep trying to protect the city rather than his interests.