Chapter 4 Summary

Bran is unhappy when he lies in bed. The walls press in on him even though the world outside calls. He can hear the direwolves howling from the godswood. Some people at Winterfell think that the direwolves are hungry, which explains why they howl all day long. Maester Luwin thinks they howl at the comet in the sky, mistaking it for the moon. Osha thinks that the comet means blood and fire is coming. Old Nan cannot see the comet but claims that she can smell it, and she thinks that it means dragons. Regardless, Bran misses Summer. Both of the direwolves have been locked in the godswood since Shaggydog attacked the Walders, his mother's wards. Maester Luwin, who also has been attacked by Shaggy, explains that the direwolves are dangerous. Bran points out that Summer has never hurt anyone, but no one listens to him even though he is a prince now that Robb is the King in the North. Bran does not like the Walders. Big Walder is older than Little Walder, though the latter is actually bigger. They are both able to name exactly where they sit in the line of succession at the Twins, though neither is very likely to ever inherit the seat since Lord Walder has so many children and grandchildren. At night, Bran dreams that he is Summer and Osha tells him that he should not fight it. In the dream, Bran watches Shaggy as the direwolf snarls at the walls and the gates around him. Summer knows that it is impossible to escape but he also knows that the outside world is calling and that he "must answer or die."