A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 39 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 39 Summary

Catelyn returns to Riverrun. Brienne is still with her but she is eager to return south to confront Stannis Baratheon. Catelyn convinces Brienne instead to enter her service, though she promises not to hold Brienne back when the time comes. At Riverrun, they find bodies hanging outside. They were Lannisters. Four of them were sent by Tyrion to free Jaime Lannister, and they almost succeeded. In the end, they failed and now Jaime is held in the dungeons. She also learns that Roose Bolton has married one of the Freys. Catelyn finds her brother, Edmure, who commands in Riverrun now. They have received word that Lord Tywin is marching west to battle Robb Stark in the Lannister lands. However, should they cross near Riverrun, Edmure means to bleed them. Catelyn points out that Edmure has neither the men nor the experience to battle Tywin Lannister, but her brother is determined to fight. She goes to see her father, Lord Hoster, who is near death. He mistakes Catelyn for Lysa and apologizes for making her marry Jon Arryn, though he remains opposed to the man she wishes to marry. After, Catelyn sees the silent sisters, who have returned with Ned Stark's body, though only bones remain now. Catelyn spends the night with Ned's body. It will be sent on to Winterfell.