A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 38 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 38 Summary

Arya is sent to and fro delivering messages from Weese to the other stewards now that Lord Tywin is preparing to leave. Weese does not realize that Arya can read, so he does not conceal his messages from her. There is nothing of value in them, unfortunately, though she does deliver one to a knight who owes Weese money. When he claims that he cannot read, Arya takes a silver goblet from him and delivers it to Weese. He promises to share a capon with her that evening. She delivers a message to the forge and Gendry informs Arya that during the fighting, she yelled "Winterfell!" Hot Pie has remembered, though Gendry told Hot Pie that Arya was yelling "go to hell!" She watches men leaving the castle and wonders whether she could sneak out amongst them until she remembers that Weese will beat her bloody if she is caught. Weese treats her like a mouse, but when word of Robb's great victory over Ser Stafford reaches the Harrenhal, Arya remembers that she is a mouse. Weese sees her transformation and slaps her. She finds Jaqen H'ghar and whispers Weese's name in his ear. That night, Arya watches as Weese eats his capon. He sees her and calls her over, but instead of giving her a bite as promised, he slaps her again. The next day, Arya watches at Tywin leaves the caste and realizes that Chiswyck and Weese do not matter. She should have whispered "Tywin." She rushes off to find Jaqen and discovers Weese, dead. His throat is slashed open and bloody, and his dog is chewing at it. Everyone knows that the dog loved Weese; they blame the incident on Harrenhal being cursed. Arya looks up to Jaqen, who holds two fingers to his throat.