A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 37 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 37 Summary

Theon has begun to raid the north. They have just finished their latest raid and the Ironmen are busy looting. Theon would like to question Benfred Tallheart, but the latter insults Theon and the Drowned God. Aeron Damphair, Theon's uncle and priest of the Drowned God, insists that they kill Tallheart for insulting them. When Tallheart continues his insults, Theon agrees to have him killed. Damphair insists on killing him in the "old way," by drowning and as a gift to the Drowned God. Theon relents, but he refuses to drown Tallheart himself. Theon finds neither the joy or exultation in these victories that he felt when he was fighting alongside Robb. Rather than dwelling on this feeling, he seeks out Dagmer Cleftjaw. Cleftjaw is an old man now, but he had once been considered the greatest warrior in the Iron Islands. He raised Theon, and so Theon calls him "uncle." Theon suggests that they leave the reaving of the coast to Damphair. Meanwhile, Dagmer will strike further into the north and lay siege, or at least give the appearance of laying siege, to Torrhen's Square. When they send to Winterfell for help, Ser Rodrik Cassel will come south. Theon, meanwhile, will strike north.