A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 33 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 33 Summary

Catelyn prays to the Seven. She sits first with the Mother and thinks about how Cersei is a mother as well. She looks at the Warrior and sees her husband, her son, and even Arya. She remembers her mother, who died trying to give Lord Hoster Tully a second son. In the maid, she sees Sansa. She prays to the Crone, who is often depicted with a lantern signaling her wisdom, for guidance. When her guards declare that it is time to return, Catelyn leaves the sept. She goes to Renly, who is preparing to attack. He does want to leave early as it might not be considered chivalrous. Although they are marching into the dawn, he remains confident in his numbers and hopes not to have Stannis’s body mutilated after the battle. Renly knows that Stannis will not yield, recalling how Stannis defended Storm’s End during a siege, even when it came to the point that he might have to eat dead men. When Renly’s captains leave, Catelyn tells him that she believes that Joffrey was born of incest and that her son, Bran, saw Cersei and Jaime together. Stannis is the rightful king, and they should call a council together so that all of the lords of the Seven Kingdoms can decide upon who will be the next king. Renly answers that the strongest army—his army—will win the crown. Suddenly, a shadow enters the room and it pierces Renly’s throat. He falls on Brienne and dies. Renly’s guards enter and Brienne fights her way out. She and Catelyn leave the camp. Catelyn knows that Stannis sent the shadow—she felt him in it—and she remembers Stannis’s promise to attack Robb some day. Now, Catelyn knows, the southern lords will pledge fealty to Stannis, since they have nowhere else to go.