Chapter 3 Summary

Tyrion approaches the small council with Bronn and Timett son of Timett. Ser Mandon Moore of the Kingsguard initially refuses to allow Tyrion through until Tyrion threatens to have him killed. It is his first victory as the Hand of the King. He enters the small council and presents a letter from his father. The members of the small council welcome Tyrion but Cersei does not. Tyrion requests a private audience, and once alone he confronts his sister, the queen regent. Joffrey's reign has been a disaster. Cersei explains that Joffrey is willful and expects to command rather than be commanded. Tyrion proposes that he will better control Joffrey and that he will find a way to free Jaime. Cersei agrees, though she insists that Tyrion remember that although he serves as Hand of the King, she is in charge. Tyrion, lying, agrees. He leaves and considers the city: corpses lie on the street and rats are sold as fresh meat. Still, the city is swelling as the smallfolk come to King's Landing in order to avoid the war. When Tyrion returns to the inn in which he left Shae, he finds Lord Varys, the Master of Whisperers. Varys subtly explains that he was aware of Tyrion's arrival in the city and was able to find Shae effortlessly. He threatens her safety, though only Tyrion is able to understand Varys's meaning. Once he is alone with Shae, Tyrion explains that as the Hand of the King he will will attempt to do justice, which will be utterly unexpected.