A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 28 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 28 Summary

Bran watches as Meera circles Summer with her spear and net. Though he lunges at her, she manages to catch him in her snare. Everyone has left after the harvest feast except the Reeds. Ser Rodrik has left to fight the bastard of Bolton, who has forced Lady Hornwood to marry him. Here in Winterfell, Jojen claims to have greensight. Sometimes he has green dreams, and when he does, they always come true. When he dreamt of a winged wolf, he and Meera came to Winterfell. Jojen explains that when he touched Summer after the harvest feast, he felt Bran inside the wolf. Every night, Jojen thinks, Bran falls in his dreams, though the three-eyed crow that haunts Bran in his dreams tells him to “fly or die.” The Reeds have come to teach Bran to fly, but Bran does not want to hear this and Summer even attacks Jojen and Meera at one point. Bran asks Maester Luwin about Jojen’s greensight. The maester shows Bran the chain all maesters wear. It has a Varlyrian link, which means that he has studied magic. He explains that the First Men felt that the children of the forest had the ability to see through the eyes carved into the weirwoods. At one point in time, magic might have existed, but now it does not. It died with Old Valyria and there are not even dragons left. Bran tells his to Meera and she advises Bran to listen to Maester Luwin but decide for himself. She tells Bran about one of Jojen’s dreams: at supper, Bran will be served a choice cut of meat while the Walders will be served old gray meat. Yet the Walders will prefer their cut more than Bran does. That night, nothing happens at supper, and Bran convinces himself that magic does not exist and that he will never become a knight.