A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 25 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 25 Summary

Tyrion goes to Cersei's chambers and hears someone singing inside. He enters and finds Ser Lancel, Jaime's cousin. Tyrion requests a word in private and once alone he tells Cersei that Stannis has laid siege to Storm's End, Renly's seat. In her glee, Cersei does not notice Tyrion poisoning her wine. The next day, Cersei is unable to leave her chambers and Tyrion holds court while Joffrey plays with his new crossbow. He announces his peace terms to Ser Cleos before the court. They are not generous, though he does offer to return Eddard's remains. He also proposes to send the Lannister garrison, Cersei's last remaining troops, with Ser Cleos. Among them will be four men who will try to free Jaime. Afterward, Ser Alliser Thorne presents himself and declares that the dead are rising in the far north. The court laughs, but Tyrion proposes that Alliser announce in the city, whose people are beginning to starve while the men of the Night's Watch eat regular meals. Lord Varys compliments Tyrion on how he deftly achieved his goals in court and Littlefinger is angered. Tyrion agrees to send Myrcella to Dorne, revealing that he was lying to Littlefinger about sending her to the Arryns. That night, Tyrion and Shagga lead a raid on Pycelle's quarters. Pycelle is sleeping with his serving girl when they arrive and begin to question him. He reveals all he ever did for House Lannister, including murdering Jon Arryn and even telling the Mad King to open his gates before Lord Tywin. He had hoped that Tywin would become king instead of Robert. Regardless, Tyrion has the Grand Maester sent to the black dungeons.