Chapter 2 Summary

Sansa gossips with Ser Arys Oakheart of the Kingsguard. Though Ser Arys will strike Sansa when commanded to, he protests and does so with less force than the others. Sansa and Ser Arys consider the meaning of the comet in the sky—glory to Joffrey—and discuss who will win the tourney in honor of Joffrey's name day. Ser Arys is confident that he will win, though he points out that the competition is not very impressive. The jousting is poor indeed and Joffrey soon loses his temper. When Ser Dontos arrives, drunk, Joffrey prepares to have the knight killed. Sansa intervenes, suggesting that it would be bad luck for Joffrey to kill a man on his name day. Joffrey, rightly, suspects that Sansa is making this up as she goes, until Sandor speaks in support of Sansa's claim. Sansa proposes that they make Dontos a fool instead, and Joffrey agrees. The tourney is called off, though Tommen is still allowed to joust against a straw man. Watching the kind hearted boy, Sansa thinks that she would not mind marrying Tommen. The day ends when Tyrion Lannister arrives with Bronn and a group of wild clansmen. Though Prince Tommen and Princess Myrcella are happy to see Tyrion, Joffrey and Sandor are not. Tyrion treats Sansa kindly, though she finds the dwarf ugly and repulsive. Also, she reminds herself, Queen Cersei treated her well before she killed her father. So Tyrion is not to be trusted.