A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2) Chapter 15 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 15 Summary

Tyrion listens with the small council as Cersei reads Stannis's letter. She is outraged that Stannis would name her children as the product of incest. Tyrion knows that Stannis has not lied, but he is impressed by Cersei's incensed performance. She demands that anyone who spreads the tale be punished severely. Tyrion proposes that they do nothing and let the story die off. Littlefinger, meanwhile, suggests that they spread a story that Stannis's child is actually the daughter of Patchface, the fool. It is a good idea, but it makes Tyrion realize that Littlefinger is dangerous. He leaves to meet with the city's blacksmiths and sets them to work making a giant chain, though he does not tell them its purpose. After, he goes to an expensive brothel run by Chataya, a woman from the Summer Isles. Inside, he goes to a room with the whore Alayaya and finds a secret passage. At the end of it waits Lord Varys, who is disguised. He leads Tyrion to a stable, and from there Tyrion is free to travel to Shae. The trip is indirect but it protects Shae from Cersei's informants. Tyrion tells Varys that he cannot tell whether the spymaster is his best friend or his worst enemy. Varys replies that he feels the same way about Tyrion.