Chapter 1 Summary

Arya has escaped King's Landing, thanks to Yoren, a brother of the Night's Watch. He explains to her that she will pose as a boy as they travel along the kingsroad. The most difficult part will be urinating, he predicts. Still, it is best that she goes unnoticed. Yoren has thirty men and boys with him, three of whom are so dangerous that they are still in shackles. Though Arya tries to remain silent, two boys notice her sword, Needle, and try to take it from her. Lommy Greenhands, who had been an inker's apprentice, encourages Hot Pie, whose mother had been a baker, to steal it. Hot Pie approaches Arya, and she offers him her wooden practice sword. When Hot Pie comes closer, she attacks him with it and beats him raw until Yoren stops her. He takes her to the woods and switches her. After, he tells her that her father, Lord Eddard Stark, was supposed to have been allowed to join the Night's Watch. Instead, Joffrey ruined the plan. Now, Arya walks along the column, too sore to ride a donkey, with Bull, an older boy. Bull thinks the comet looks like a red sword, but Arya sees the sword that was used to kill her father, turned red with her father's blood. At night, Arya dreams of returning to Winterfell.