I need help with my introduction paragraph for an "A&P" essay. I'm arguing social conformity and considering using the story's first line as a start. Would this be effective?

I am citing social conformity as my argument. I am thinking of using the first line of the story to begin. Since the story was written in the 1960s, the state of the girls' dress was a shock to the conservative small town.

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First, the post says that social conformity is your argument; however, the information provided in the post doesn't explain what the argument is about the story, social conformity, and/or the characters within the story. Despite not knowing exactly what the paper's argument is, I can offer some suggestions on the paper's opening.

The post indicates that you are looking for advice regarding the paper's opening attention-getting hook. The first few sentences are critical to your paper. Teachers always like to stress how important the thesis statement is, and they are correct. The thesis is very important, but if your reader is bored after the first sentence, they might never even make it to your thesis. This is why a paper's opening hook is critical.

The post states that you are considering using a quote from the story. This is a great idea. A quote automatically helps gain reader attention because the quote signals to your reader that the sentence is so important that you would rather use it than your own words. This intrigues many readers. They want to know why that quote is important or who said it. The quote that you have chosen is a great quote because it incorporates another hook strategy. Another hook strategy is to use a bold statement. This particular quote is somewhat shocking because it immediately presents your reader with images of three scantily clad females. Many questions will go through a reader's mind, and that pulls your reader in because your reader wants answers to those questions.

I think your idea for your paper's hook is entirely appropriate, and I do not think that you want to spend too much time considering an alternative way to "ease into it." Grab your reader's attention right from the start, and do not let go.

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