Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia Additional Summary

Elizabeth Gilbert

Extended Summary

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love (2006) is a memoir about her emotional breakdown and subsequent healing process (she does not, however, divulge the real names of some of the people involved). She was a successful writer who enjoys, along with her husband, a New York lifestyle that many people dream of. But after many years of what her acquaintances consider a flourishing marriage, she finds herself wishing she were not married. She asks for a divorce, believing that her husband will agree to this and that they will part as friends. To her surprise, this does not happen.

Her husband is against parting. Even when he admits that the divorce is inevitable, he insists on claiming almost all of their joint possessions and accumulations as well as money she might potentially make in the future. The divorce proceedings drag on and send Gilbert into a long bout of depression, which makes her question her self-worth.

In the middle of her depression, she meets and falls in love with an actor named David. He is performing in a stage adaptation of a short story Gilbert wrote, and she feels they were made for one another. She has never been so much in love. She soon discovers, though, that the timing of the affair is all wrong. She leans on David too much to ease the depression that her divorce has caused. David is like a drug, she says. He makes her feel so good that she becomes addicted to him. The more he gives her, the more she wants and needs him. Her need weighs on him so heavily that he begins to withdraw. His pulling away from her does no good for Gilbert because his leaving makes her lean on him more intensely. She wants David to ease her depression for her, not knowing then that she must heal herself before she can love.

The relationship between Gilbert and David eventually collapses, which wounds her again for a short period of time. Finally she decides that she has to do something for herself. She asks herself what it is that she wants to do. First, as silly as it sounds to her and to her friends, she wants to learn Italian. She has always loved the language, so she signs up for a class. She also wants to create a spiritual space in her life, so she searches for and finally finds a guru who will guide her. Then she wants to travel, but she does not have the money to cover that expense. When she is offered a writing assignment in Bali, she jumps on the chance. In Bali, Gilbert meets an old man who is a spiritual advisor. He predicts that Gilbert will soon lose all her money but will quickly regain it. The man also foretells that she will travel and come back to Bali and teach him English. She will also remarry.

Shortly after returning to New York, Gilbert decides to take a year off. She will divide the year into three parts, each section lasting four months. She will spend the first four months in Italy. Her main goal for this portion of the year is to enjoy herself. Gilbert eventually defines this pleasure as eating and speaking Italian.

Her time spent in Italy turns into an erratic emotional experience. There are days when she is ecstatic about being fully immersed in Italian culture, taking classes in Italian, reading the local newspapers, and talking to children and old women. But the depression that she tried to escape still haunts her. She has been given prescription drugs to battle her depression, but she does not like taking them unless she feels truly desperate. She reaches a very low spot and gives in to the drugs. But finally, when the pills are about to run out, she decides she must learn to fight her emotions on her own.

One of the ways she does this is to keep a very secretive, personal journal. It is through her private writing that she becomes better at defining what it is that makes her happy as well as what it will take to make her happy. She discovers that one element that needs bolstering is her self-image. She goes shopping for new clothes and makeup and gets her hair cut in a new style. Another technique that she knows will help is to make new friends.

Gilbert finds one friend when she decides to take her Italian language skills to a higher level. She enlists the help of a private tutor named Giovanni. Giovanni proves to be an excellent teacher. He is handsome and is younger than Gilbert. There are moments when Gilbert fantasizes about making love with him. However, she is committed to remaining celibate until...

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