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The 57 Bus, by Dashka Slater, tells the story of then eighteen-year-old Sasha Fleischman's life-changing encounter riding the bus home from school in Oakland, California, in October 2013. Sasha, a senior in high school at the time, was on the bus on the way home from Maybeck High (a private school) and nodded off to sleep. Although the distance between Berkeley and Oakland is minimal, Sasha spent nearly an hour on the bus each way, as their commute involved several transfers.

Sasha was dressed in a T-shirt, jacket, and long skirt. Sasha, who was assigned male at birth, identifies as agender, meaning that they identify as neither male nor female. As Sasha slept, several boys about Sasha's age were also on the bus, and one of them—playing around with a lighter—set Sasha's skirt on fire. As Sasha's skirt burst into flames, Sasha awoke immediately, howling in pain. Luckily, two bystanders helped snuff out the flames, but by this time, Sasha's legs were already badly burned. It was later discovered that Sasha had sustained second- and third-degree burns, which required extensive surgery.

In the confusion that ensued, the bus came to a halt, and Sasha—dazed and in pain—stumbled off the bus. One of the men who helped Sasha put out the flames insisted that Sasha needed medical treatment. 911 was called and an ambulance dispatched to the scene; upon arrival, the driver sped Sasha to a burn unit at a hospital in San Francisco. Sasha spent nearly a month in the unit, being treated for the burns that ran the entire length of their legs.

Sasha returned home from the hospital after the attack and was surprised by letters of support and donations from as far away as Canada that had poured in. In an interview, Sasha, who was still in a great deal of pain, explained how performing daily tasks such as showering and dressing was very difficult. At the same time, Sasha was glad that the agender community was finally being represented in such a public fashion. Sasha's parents, Karl and Debbie, have been supportive of Sasha's identity while at the same time acknowledging their initial difficulty in understanding Sasha's wish to be identified as agender. When Sasha decided to start wearing skirts, however, they admitted that "Sasha seem[ed] more comfortable in the world."

The young man who set the fire, Richard Thomas, was sixteen years old at the time and a student at Oakland High School. Richard was arrested and taken into custody the following day and, due to the brutal nature of the offense, was charged as an adult. In fact, Richard was charged with two felonies—each of them a hate crime—and faced possible life imprisonment. Had Richard been charged as a juvenile, such a sentence would not have been possible. A couple of years prior to his encounter with Sasha, Richard had been involved in an altercation with some children who were skateboarding; this quarrel landed Richard in a group home in Redding, some 200 miles north of the Bay Area. Since then, Richard...

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