Part 3, Chapters 4 and 5 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What three phrases does Winston write on the slate?
  2. What dangerous thought occurs to Winston that prompts him to train himself in crimestop?
  3. What is the “unspoken tradition” about how the Party executes people?
  4. What happens that causes Winston to cry out?
  5. What does Winston inadvertently confess with his cry?
  6. What does Winston believe is freedom?
  7. What last change does O’Brien say must take place in Winston?
  8. What is the worst thing in the world in Winston’s case?
  9. What explanation does O’Brien give for what is done to people in Room 101?
  10. What does Winston realize is the one way he can save himself?

Quiz Answers

  2. The dangerous thought that occurs to Winston is that O’Brien couldn’t really float off the floor like a bubble; this would only be a shared hallucination, not a real event.
  3. The unspoken tradition is that the Party executes a person by shooting him or her in the back of the head without warning as the prisoner walks down a corridor between cells.
  4. Winston suddenly feels that Julia is “not merely with him, but inside him.” He thinks she is alive and needs his help, and he loves her more than ever.
  5. When Winston calls Julia’s name, he inadvertently confesses that although he has surrendered in his mind, in his heart he still hates the Party and prefers it that way.
  6. Winston believes freedom is to die hating the Party.
  7. O’Brien tells Winston that he must come to love Big Brother rather than merely obeying him.
  8. The worst thing in the world in Winston’s case is rats.
  9. O’Brien explains that pain is not always enough to get prisoners to do “what is required” of them. In Room 101, prisoners are forced to face things they cannot endure, leading them to do “what is required” by instinct.
  10. Winston realizes he can only save himself by transferring his punishment to Julia.

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