Part 3, Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What happens to Winston during the preliminary phase of his interrogation?
  2. What happens during the next phase?
  3. How does Winston think of O’Brien during his interrogation?
  4. What does O’Brien show to Winston before dropping it down a memory hole?
  5. What fact does O’Brien say Winston must relearn?
  6. What is O’Brien trying to get Winston to see by turning the dial?
  7. Why does the Party bring people to the Ministry of Love?
  8. How does O’Brien say the Party differs from the Inquisition of the Middle Ages or the Russian Communists?
  9. Why does O’Brien say Winston’s mind appeals to him?
  10. To what question does O’Brien tell Winston he will never know the answer?

Quiz Answers

  1. Winston is repeatedly beaten by groups of guards.
  2. Winston is mercilessly interrogated by Party intellectuals until he confesses to all kinds of crimes.
  3. Winston thinks of O’Brien as the director of his interrogation and a combination of tormentor, protector, inquisitor, and friend.
  4. O’Brien shows Winston the photograph of Jones, Rutherford, and Aaronson that Winston saw years ago.
  5. O’Brien says that Winston must relearn the fact that “it is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party.”
  6. O’Brien is trying to get Winston to see that he is holding up five fingers instead of four.
  7. The Party brings people to the Ministry of Love to “cure” them of insanity.
  8. O’Brien says the Party is different because rather than allowing heretics to be made into martyrs, the Party converts heretical thinkers into loyal believers in Party ideology before erasing them from history.
  9. O’Brien says Winston’s mind appeals to him because it resembles his own—except Winston’s happens to be insane.
  10. O’Brien tells Winston that Winston will never know if the Brotherhood exists.

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