Part 3, Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What difference does Winston observe between the Party prisoners and the “common criminals” in the prison where he is first taken after his arrest?
  2. Where do most of the prole prisoners expect to be sent?
  3. Why does Winston think the woman prisoner the guards drop on his lap could conceivably be his mother?
  4. What does Winston hope O’Brien and the Brotherhood might send him while he is imprisoned at the Ministry of Love?
  5. Why does Ampleforth believe he has been arrested?
  6. What are Winston’s only six thoughts while he waits in the cell?
  7. Who denounced Parsons for thoughtcrime?
  8. Where does the starving man try to prevent the guards from taking him?
  9. What does Winston realize he has always known?
  10. Which question is answered for Winston when the guard strikes his elbow with the truncheon?

Quiz Answers

  1. While the Party prisoners are “silent and terrified,” the common criminals seem not to care about their fate; they fight back, eat smuggled food, and yell at or try to get cigarettes from the guards.
  2. Most of the prole prisoners expect to be sent to forced-labor camps.
  3. Winston thinks the woman prisoner, whose last name is also Smith, could conceivably be his mother because of her age and physique and because of how much people might change after twenty years in a forced-labor camp.
  4. Winston hopes O’Brien and the Brotherhood will send him a razor blade.
  5. Ampleforth believes he was arrested for leaving the word “God” at the end of a line in a poem by Kipling.
  6. Winston’s only six thoughts are about the pain in his stomach, the piece of bread he is craving, the torture he expects to suffer, O’Brien, Julia, and the razor blade.
  7. Parsons was denounced by his seven-year-old daughter.
  8. The starving man tries to prevent the guards from taking him to Room 101.
  9. Winston realizes he has always known that O’Brien was loyal to the Party.
  10. Winston had questioned whether it was ever possible to wish for one’s own physical pain to increase for any reason; the answer he receives is that it is not.

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