Part 2, Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What privilege does O’Brien say Inner Party members have that surprises Winston and Julia?
  2. What is O’Brien’s “characteristic gesture”?
  3. Who is Martin?
  4. To whose health do O’Brien, Martin, Winston, and Julia drink?
  5. What is the one thing Winston and Julia say they are not prepared to do on behalf of the Brotherhood?
  6. How does the Brotherhood alter its members’ identities?
  7. Why does O’Brien say the Brotherhood can never be wiped out?
  8. To what idea does Winston suggest he, Julia, and O’Brien drink the last of the wine?
  9. What does O’Brien tell Winston he will have delivered to him by a man with a briefcase?
  10. What does Winston ask O’Brien before he leaves, and how does O’Brien answer?

Quiz Answers

  1. O’Brien says Inner Party members have the privilege of occasionally turning off their telescreens.
  2. O’Brien’s characteristic gesture is resettling his glasses on his nose.
  3. Martin is O’Brien’s servant who is also a member of the Brotherhood; Winston thinks he may be Chinese.
  4. O’Brien, Martin, Winston, and Julia drink to the health of Emmanuel Goldstein, the leader of the Brotherhood.
  5. Winston and Julia say the one thing they are not prepared to do is part and never see each other again.
  6. The Brotherhood alters its members’ identities by surgically changing their appearances beyond recognition.
  7. O’Brien says the Brotherhood can never be wiped out because its individual members have very little knowledge of its workings, size, or activities. Rather, they know only their own actions, the names of a few other members, and the ideas on which the Brotherhood is founded.
  8. Winston suggests they drink to the past.
  9. O’Brien tells Winston he will deliver him a copy of the book written by Emmanuel Goldstein that explains the Brotherhood’s principles.
  10. Winston asks O’Brien if he knows the rhyme he learned from Mr. Charrington, and O’Brien answers by supplying the last line of the rhyme’s first stanza.

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