Part 2, Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Who is singing the song Winston hears through the window of the rented room above Mr. Charrington’s shop?
  2. What does the Music Department use to produce songs for the proles?
  3. Where is Winston certain he and Julia will end up before their executions?
  4. What does Julia bring to the rented room in her tool bag?
  5. What country does Julia say Oceania has recently captured?
  6. What does Julia say she will be instead of a Party comrade in the rented room?
  7. What frightens Winston in the room and reminds him of a recurring nightmare?
  8. What church is mentioned in the line of the old rhyme that Julia sings?
  9. How does Julia say she learned the rhyme?
  10. What does Winston imagine the paperweight represents as he gazes at it?

Quiz Answers

  1. The song is being sung by a prole woman hanging washing on a line in a courtyard below the window of the rented room.
  2. The Music Department produces songs using a machine called a versifactor.
  3. Winston is certain he and Julia will end up being tortured into confessing in the cellars of the Ministry of Love.
  4. Julia brings real coffee, tea, sugar, bread, and jam to share. She also brings makeup for herself.
  5. Julia says Oceania has recently captured India.
  6. Julia says she will be a woman instead of a Party comrade.
  7. Winston is frightened by a rat.
  8. The line of the rhyme Julia sings mentions Old Bailey.
  9. Julia says she learned the rhyme from her grandfather, who was vaporized when she was eight.
  10. Winston imagines the paperweight represents the rented room and that the coral in the center represents his life with Julia.

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