Part 2, Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why is the countryside dangerous even though there are no telescreens?
  2. How did Julia first discover her hideout?
  3. What does the red sash Julia wears around her waist signify?
  4. What does Julia take out of the pocket of her overalls?
  5. What does Julia say attracted her to Winston?
  6. What does the field at the edge of the wood remind Winston of?
  7. What does Winston wonder about the thrush he and Julia stop to listen to?
  8. What does Winston tell Julia he hates?
  9. What force does Winston believe has the power to destroy the Party?
  10. What type of act does Winston feel sleeping with Julia was?

Quiz Answers

  1. The countryside is dangerous because of the presence of hidden microphones and patrols who question Party members and examine their papers.
  2. Julia first discovered her hideout when she got lost on a community hike.
  3. Julia’s sash is the emblem of the Junior Anti-Sex League.
  4. Julia takes a bar of black-market chocolate out of the pocket of her overalls.
  5. Julia was attracted by something in Winston’s face that told her he was against the Party.
  6. The field reminds Winston of the Golden Country he sees in his dreams.
  7. Winston wonders why the bird sings and who it sings for.
  8. Winston tells Julia he hates purity and goodness.
  9. Winston believes that sexual desire has the power to destroy the Party.
  10. Winston feels that it was a political act.

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