Part 2, Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. How does Winston think the girl with dark hair probably got her injury?
  2. What two possibilities does Winston consider before opening the note given to him by the girl with dark hair?
  3. What does the note actually say?
  4. Why doesn’t Winston shirk his evening at the Community Center even though he desperately wants to be alone?
  5. Why does Winston no longer believe the girl might be laying a trap for him?
  6. What does Winston feel is the “worst and likeliest” of all the possible explanations for why he doesn’t see the girl for three days?
  7. Where does the girl tell Winston to meet her?
  8. What church does Winston recognize while waiting for the girl?
  9. What event do Winston and the girl watch unfold along with the rest of the crowd?
  10. What station does the girl tell Winston to go to on Sunday afternoon?

Quiz Answers

  1. Winston thinks she probably crushed her hand while turning one of the kaleidoscopes used to produce novels in the Fiction Department.
  2. Winston thinks the note must be a message either from the Thought Police or from an underground organization like the Brotherhood.
  3. The note says “I love you.”
  4. Winston’s will to live has been revived by the girl’s note, and he decides not to take any unnecessary risks now that he has something to live for.
  5. Winston no longer believes the girl might be laying a trap for him because of how frightened she seemed when she gave him the note.
  6. Winston feels the worst and likeliest possibility is that the girl has changed her mind and decided to avoid him.
  7. The girl tells Winston to meet her near the monument in Victory Square.
  8. Winston recognizes St. Martin’s Church.
  9. Winston and the girl watch a convoy of trucks transporting Eurasian prisoners pass.
  10. The girl tells Winston to go to Paddington Station.

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