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Part 1, Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions

  1. What are citizens of Oceania supposed to call one another?
  2. Of what organization are the Parsons children wearing uniforms?
  3. On what committee is Tom Parsons a leading member?
  4. What name does Mrs. Parsons’s son call Winston after shooting him with the catapult?
  5. What does O’Brien say in Winston’s dream?
  6. Where does the voice on the telescreen say Oceania’s forces have just won a victory?
  7. What ration is being reduced?
  8. What song plays after the reduced ration is announced?
  9. What word appears behind the torn poster Winston sees from his window?
  10. Why does Winston place a grain of dust on his diary?

Quiz Answers

  1. Citizens of Oceania are supposed to call one another “comrade.”
  2. The Parsons children are wearing the uniforms of the Spies.
  3. Tom Parsons is a leading member of the Sports Committee.
  4. Mrs. Parsons’s son calls Winston “Goldstein.”
  5. O’Brien says, “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.”
  6. The voice on the telescreen says Oceania’s forces have just won a victory in South India.
  7. The chocolate ration is being reduced.
  8. The song that plays after the reduced ration announcement is “Oceania, ’Tis for Thee.”
  9. The word that appears behind the poster is INGSOC.
  10. Winston places the grain of dust on his diary so that he will know if someone moves the diary.