Part 1, Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What phrase appears on the posters in Winston Smith’s building?
  2. Through what instrument do the Thought Police watch people?
  3. Of what province of Oceania is London the “chief city”?
  4. What is the official language of Oceania?
  5. What are the three slogans of the Party?
  6. What are the four Ministries of the Party?
  7. Who is featured in every Two Minutes Hate?
  8. With what two countries is Oceania intermittently at war?
  9. What phrase does Winston write over and over in his diary?
  10. What is “the essential crime that contained all others in itself”?

Quiz Answers

  1. The phrase that appears on the posters is “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.”
  2. The Thought Police watch people through the telescreen.
  3. London is the chief city of Airstrip One.
  4. The official language of Oceania is Newspeak.
  5. The three slogans of the Party are “WAR IS PEACE,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” and “IGNORANCE IS FREEDOM.”
  6. The four Ministries are the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue), the Ministry of Peace (Minipax), the Ministry of Love (Miniluv), and the Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty).
  7. Emmanuel Goldstein is featured in every Two Minutes Hate.
  8. Oceania is intermittently at war with Eurasia and Eastasia.
  9. Winston writes “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER.”
  10. The “essential crime” is thoughtcrime.

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