What are five post-climax events leading to the resolution of 1984?

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The climax of the novel is the moment at which Julia and Winston are caught and arrested in the apartment above Mr. Charrington's shop by the Thought Police. 

1. Winston finds himself inside the Ministry of Love, in a cell, hungry, curious, and scared about what is happening and what is to come.

2. He figures out that O'Brien meant the Ministry of Love when he told Winston in his dreams that that was where they would meet because there were no windows in the Ministry so one couldn't tell where one was located or what time of day it was.  This is a place where people lost the concept of time and went crazy because of it.

3. He finds out very personally what room 101 is and what it means for him. It is the place where Winston comes face to face with his greatest fears- it is where he is broken.

4. Winston finds himself on the outside working a job he doesn't understand. He meets Julia on the street once and they both admit that they betrayed one another. They feel nothing.

5. Winston is reformed, reconditioned, and feels the love of Big Brother before he is shot in the back of the head.  

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