Identify two events or ideas in 1984 that parallel Nazism and the Hitler era.

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The whole idea of Big Brother being a revered, infallible figure in the society of Oceania is closely connected to Hitler's position in Nazi Germany. A feature of facism is that the leader is exalted above all else with all power invested in him, and this is what we see in Big Brother - an omnipotent figure beloved by hs people, very much in the spirit of 'the Fuhrer'. 

Early on in the novel Winston reluctantly helps out his neighbour who is in need of a handyman. There he is abused in mock play by the children, who are using highly political labels in their warlike role play; "You're a thought criminal! You're a Eurasian spy!" (p 25). Winston then laments how horrible such children have become, "What was worst of all was by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages.....they adored the party and everything connected with it. The songs, the processions, the banners, the hiking...the worship of Big Brother..." (p. 26). Here we see a parallel with the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany. That institution aimed to indoctrinate young Germans in much the same way as 'The Spies' - by identifying enemies of the state and by fostering deep feelings of unswervingly loyal to the state and the leader.

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