How does the war in 1984 represent Oceania's total control over its people?

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In the dystopian nation of Oceania, continual war is necessary to use up the surplus of production and keep the population in a perpetual state of hysteria. Winston reads in Goldstein's book that the Party is concerned with keeping the standard of living low and the masses occupied. Creating products that would improve the standard of living would eventually upset the hierarchy as the middle and lower class would not feel obligated to obey the upper class. With a massive population continually working, warfare becomes necessary to destroy the surplus. The proles are simply left to work long hours and occasionally become victims of random bombings, while the Party maintains an atmosphere of war to ensure hysteria among its members. Knowledge is neutralized by the principle of "doublethink" and emotions are controlled through weekly hate exercises. Essentially, the Party uses war to not only enslave the population economically, but also to psychologically control its citizens.

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