How does 1984 explore anomalous behavior and experiences?

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Anomalous behavior and experiences in 1984 can be addressed through the characters of Winston and Julia . An anomaly is a significant deviation from a norm. The strictly enforced obedience and conformity of Oceania’s society strongly discourage anomalous behavior. One arena where such discouragement is applied is sexual activity, which...

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is forbidden outside of procreative efforts. Winston and Julia each engage in anomalous behavior before they get together; their affair is another manifestation of their deviation from state mandates. Julia has been sexually active before, and Winston has begun writing the diary he believes to be secret.

George Orwell conveys that totalitarian society can eradicate individualism, but the state’s extreme efforts to prevent anomalies from occurring also suggests the grave threat they present. Orwell further implies that humans have a strong tendency toward resisting authority; therefore, the harder the state tries to quash resistance, the more people will think of new ways to resist. The harshness of the brainwashing and torture exerted on Winston demonstrates how deeply challenging it is to remove human desires to deviate from the norm.

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