How did Julia's message affect Winston's feelings in 1984?

Expert Answers

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I am presuming that you are asking about her initial note.  We can make an accurate judgment based on Winston's actions after receiving the note --- he was ecstatic!

He had no one in his life prior to the note.  After that day he was willing to take any risk to be with Julia.  Their clandestine meetings in the woods and, most importantly, their meetings in the room about Charington's, doomed them, and Winston seems to know this.  However, he throws caution to the wind to be with her, risks the little everything he had (not including, of course, his life) to be with her.

That's what makes his "Do it to Julia" so tragic at the end of the novel.  He said it; he meant it.  Four of the saddest words in all literature.

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