How did Julia and Winston meet in "1984" and where was their first tryst? What is the irony of this place? How are they similar and different?

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Julia and Winston both work at the Ministry of Truth. For a long time, he desires her, but resents her because she appears to be committed to the idea of chastity as well as a mindless pawn of the Party's ideals. However, one day she falls down at the lavatory and uses the opportunity to slip Winston a note while he's helping her up. This note reads, "I love you." After that, the two arrange a trysting place.

They consummate their desire for one another in a forest outside of the city. This setting is significant because it represents a space without telescreens or the prying eye of the state. It also recalls the Garden of Eden, where man was free and innocent.

Winston and Julia resemble one another in their desire to rebel against Big Brother and the Inner Party. Neither enjoys the conformity and imposition upon their private lives Big Brother demands. However, they differ in their commitment to this rebellion. Winston is fascinated by history and politics, and seeks to hurt Big Brother as much as possible. Julia seems only interested in private subversiveness. Beyond her affair with Winston, she cares little for the ideals of the Brotherhood that Winston longs to get in contact with.

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