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This is a very good question.  There are so many different answers, but with regard to 1984, one plausible answer is the past, our ability to remember the past, and our connections with others.  The Party does its best to dehumanize its members by driving a wedge between all possible relationships--husband and wife (as sex is not to be enjoyed and only for the sole purpose of creating Party members), parent and child (the SPYS are everywhere and are encouraged to report their parents' suspicious behavior), and friends and coworkers.  They are encouraged to hate daily for two minutes, to be wary of anyone who looks their way, and even to guard the most basic human emotions and facial expressions...anything could get you accused of thoughtcrime.  Winston, bless his heart, is determined to be his own person.  He is defeated in the end as he is forced to betray his beloved Julia, and he "loves" Big Brother as all good Party members should at the book's closing.

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