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What are some points for an essay on "Big Brother will always win: Resistance is pointless"?

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I think that one point to be made about how the statement is true in Orwell's work would be to point to how technology is used by the government in order to ensure constant victory.  For Big Brother, technology has been coopted as a way to consolidate the power of the government.  The ability to peer into individual thoughts, to use technology as a form of social control, and to widen the net of government knowledge about the lives and thoughts of its citizens are all way to demonstrate that Big Brother will always win and that individual resistance is futile.  Additionally, another point to make in support of this idea is that the world Orwell has created in his work thrives on the suppression of individual freedom.  As long as individual freedom can be channeled in support of Big Brother and away from all else, Big Brother will always win.  Any resistance is stamped out with the most brutal of force, ensuring that the Status Quo will never be removed from power.  The ability to channel freedom into that which supports the government is another way in which the government always wins.  

I think that it is important to point out that when individuals lose control of their ability to voice change in their government or society, ruling bodies like Big Brother will always win.  Orwell is fairly convinced that when the dissent of social democracy is so easily sacrificed, only the powers that be will benefit.  For Orwell, when individuals lose their voice by losing the fight to speak, then governments are the only real winners.  When Winston is faced with a critical moment of supporting Julia, he fails to do so.  He succumbs to his fears, thereby proving that Big Brother will always win.  Orwell might be suggesting that one of the most important legacies in the modern setting is to continue the shrill and nasal tone of dissent under all possible circumstances.  Grave consequences for society result when this voice is sacrificed.  I think that these points can be made in a paper that assesses the value and ideas of where Big Brother gains its power and how Orwell views this in a larger sense.

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