What is Winston's experience with marriage in "1984" and how does Julia sum up the Party's sexual puritanism?

"There was a direct intimate connection between chastity and political orthodoxy" - Chapter 3 Pages 138 - 140

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The emphasis on chastity is very important to the Party's overall goals.  The Party does not want people to have meaningful relationships with one another.  Instead, it wants people to only be connected to the Party itself.

The Party in this society wants to be everything to all people.  This will make it indispensable.  That is why it does not want love and romance.  Those things allow people to form little societies of their own, societies that do not need or want the Party.  This is dangerous to the political system that they have set up.

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Winston's experience with marriage was a rather sour one.  He never really felt emotionally connected to his wife, and doesn't miss her in any emotional way, the whole thing appeared to be very forgettable for him.

Julia makes it clear that the members of the Inner Party are "not  so holy as they make out."  She makes it clear that it is just a thing they preach, not one they practice.  It is as false as everything else about the Party.

This is connected to the idea of chastity as a parallel to the party orthodoxy.  The raging desire to have everyone be rotten to the core, to be immoral and openly responsive to human desire and weakness goes right alongside the desire to have the Proles revolt or to bring down the Party.

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